by Taylor Loethen | Sep 6, 2023

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EP2. Is Your Digital Presence Becoming Obsolete?

In this episode, we address the challenging topic of whether your dealership’s digital presence is becoming obsolete. Today, we are fortunate to have three experts in the Moto and Powersports industry who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We have Aaron Barney, John Greene, and Travis Winkleman.



As we delve in, Aaron explains how the unprecedented events of 2020 have forced dealers to adopt a digital-first sales mindset, even if they initially resisted the shift. With restrictions on unit sales and showroom closures, dealers had to think outside of the box to generate leads and sales without the traditional forms of interaction with customers.

John expands on how this drastic transformation has especially impacted on the digital customers' buying journeys and their expectations. With e-commerce giants setting the standard for convenience and personalized service, customers are now accustomed to a seamless online shopping experience, leaving dealerships scrambling to keep up.

Travis highlights the current market shift and the challenge facing dealers. With the end of the buying frenzy and inventory shortages, dealers need to find ways to cultivate leads and appointments through their digital channels. He shares some tips on how to achieve this, emphasizing the importance of a streamlined and user-friendly digital sales process.

To avoid becoming obsolete, dealers must evolve their digital strategy and embrace new technologies to stay competitive. John recommends that dealers focus on improving their website's user experience, making it easier for customers to search and purchase inventory.

Join us as we share our experiences and strategies to navigate the consistently evolving digital landscape and to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. Don't miss this informative episode of LeadHelm’s podcast: Take the Helm.

To learn more about LeadHelm, how to increase appointments immediately and how you can better nurture your digital leads, please contact Travis Winkleman at TravisW@DLPspeed.com to learn more about LeadHelm, your digital sales solution software.

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