by John Greene | Apr 20, 2024

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Does your dealership have what it takes to win the battle for online customers?

In a world where customer behaviors are constantly evolving, staying ahead in the digital landscape is more crucial than ever. Revving up the conversation, our latest episode helps you master the digital domain and enhance your online customer's experience like never before. 

  • Unparalleled Strategies: Explore the practicalities and strategies behind effective digital lead management. Learn how technology isn't just an add-on but a pivotal element in crafting memorable customer journeys from online inquiries to in-store successes.
  • Expert Insights: Hear firsthand from industry veterans Aaron and Scott. Aaron opens up about his journey in managing digital leads, emphasizing the power of nurturing customer relationships and the untapped potential of remote work. Meanwhile, Scott shares pearls of wisdom on accountability and how data-driven decisions can dramatically reshape your business outcomes.
  • The Evolving Customer Journey: We highlight the shift towards online research and decision-making, underscoring the need for dealers to adapt by evolving their approach to meet customers in their preferred digital spaces.

This isn't just about cruising along old paths; it's about blazing new trails and redefining how we navigate the industry's twists and turns.



Episode  Chapters

00:00 Overview

02:41  Today’s Topic and Guests

10:03  A New Way to Think About the Front End of the Business

15:52  The Battle for the Customer Begins Online

29:10  The Dealerships Responsibility: Meeting the Customer Where They’re At

35:23  Opportunities in the Market

36:11   Similarities between Online and In-store Sales

38:55  Managing Digital Leads

40:56  Staffing Challenges in the Digital Age

46:43  Remote Work and Technology for Today’s Dealership

52:15  Segmenting Data and Metrics

56:18  The Importance of Training and Process

59:23  The Evolution of the Customer and the Dealership

01:03:18  We Live in this Space

01:10:23  Built for Dealers by Dealers


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