7 Reasons Why Dealerships Need a Digital Traffic Log for Sales

by Taylor Loethen | Jun 20, 2023

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Do you want to make smarter decisions and operate with confidence in your dealership? 

As a dealer, understanding your digital metrics is crucial. Yet, too often, dealers do not know what their digital targets should be, and much less, how it impacts their operation.

With a Digital Traffic Log™, dealers can make smarter decisions, operate with confidence, keep track of their progress in real-time and know precisely where they stand against their goals.

To fully grasp the significance of the Digital Traffic Log™, we must first recognize the power of data-driven decision making. 


Here are seven compelling reasons why we should allow data to guide us:

  1. Differentiate Between the Physical Doorway vs. Digital Doorway
    There is a difference between the physical doorway and the digital doorway. The physical doorway is tracked through a Traffic Log including door swings, greets, sit downs, writeups, transactions, sales and the like. The Traffic Log is often discussed in financial reviews and 20 Clubs. The digital doorway is tracked through the Digital Traffic Log™ including web traffic, lead volume, response time, appointments set, kept and conversions. It’s paramount that dealers have both.

  2. Data Drives Accuracy
    Accuracy is important. We want to be precise in our tracking, measuring, and performance. We must separate our data tracking for both in-house and digital data to ensure our understanding of our current performance and what adjustments need to be made where. Hence the Traffic Log and Digital Traffic Log™.

  3. Data Tells a Story 
    We must interpret the insights the data provides to make intelligent decisions. Based on our sales targets and variable performance percentages, we can identify our digital targets, compare our performance, and hold our team accountable. 

  4. Data Holds Us Accountable
    By leveraging the Digital Traffic Log™ properly and consistently, you can confidently hold your team members, leaders, dealership, and dealer group accountable to the budget set forth. We can only hold ourselves and our teams accountable to the expectations that we set. Without clear data and targets, our expectations are not clear, therefore accountability is not clear, making it challenging for all parties. 

  5. Increase Sales Velocity 
    The Digital Traffic Log™ helps teams increase sales velocity by clearing understanding the metrics needed to achieve the sales targets.

  6. Staff Appropriately
    There’s nothing more frustrating than being short staffed. With the Digital Traffic Log™, you can staff your sales team and internet team appropriately to achieve the targets identified to achieve your sales goals. 

  7. Analyze Digital Marketing Spend 
    The Digital Traffic Log™ identifies the web traffic and lead generation targets necessary to achieve the dealership’s sales targets. These targets encourage you to audit your digital marketing strategy, advertisement spend, and lead sources to ensure return on your investment.

➡️ There are four key measurements in the digital traffic log. 

  1. Annual Sales Targets
  2. Digital Sales Targets
  3. Digital Sales KPIs
  4. Trend Report

 ➡️ There are four target percentages to aim for.

  • Sales from Digital Leads: 30%
  • Appointments Set: 40%
  • Appointments Kept: 70%
  • Kept Appointment Conversion: 30%

Developing and driving your Digital Traffic Log™ is essential for dealers who aim to achieve their digital targets, increase sales velocity, and hold their teams accountable. Let your data lead you. Make smart decisions and operate with confidence. Download and leverage the Digital Traffic Log™ today! 

Take Action: Download the Digital Traffic Log™. We will walk you through how to set up the Digital Traffic Log™ for your dealership, how to track and measure your performance, and how to interpret the data in the accompanying video.

To learn more about the Digital Traffic Log™, how to implement it into your operations, and to see how LeadHelm can help you achieve your digital targets identified, please contact Travis Winkleman at TravisW@DLPspeed.com to learn more about LeadHelm, your digital sales solution software.

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