3 Tips to Maximize Sales Productivity at Your Dealership

by Taylor Loethen | Jan 19, 2023

Are you a digital sales agent looking to up your productivity game? Look no further! We've got the top three tips to help you master time management, prioritization, and flow.

Streamline your work and skyrocket your success with this essential advice. Don't miss out on the secrets to becoming a top-performing sales agent!

Timewatch notes that 88% of people do not use a time management system, but most simply use a list or their email inbox, neither of which are highly effective long term. However, 91% of people agreed that better time management would reduce their stress at work, 90% agreed it would increase their productivity and 82% agreed it would give more confidence at work.

After reading Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles E. Hummel, there are three key takeaways. One, Parkinson’s Principle: work expands to fill all available time. I believe we can all agree that there is always more work to be done. And, if we allow it, it will consume us. Second, our dilemma is not a shortage of time, but rather a problem with our priorities. This is a challenge for everyone, no matter how organized one might be. We often have trouble properly prioritizing. Third, our greatest danger is letting the “urgent” overshadow the “important”. We live in a constant tension between the “urgent” and the “important”. Important tasks are often put off despite their “importance” and urgent tasks, which are usually less important, overshadow what is most important. Urgent tasks call for immediate response and demand endless attention. Do you agree?

Discover the ultimate time management practices to grasp control of your day. Establish a solid foundation that empowers you to prioritize what truly matters. 

👉Parkinson’s Principle: Work Expands to fill all available time.

  • Establish clear start times and end times to your workday. Be consistent. 
  • Establish a dedicated lunch time every day. Be consistent. 
  • Allocate Time for administrative tasks

👉Our dilemma is not a shortage of time, but rather a problem with our priorities. 

  • Make a list of all our priorities
  • Note what must be done today, tomorrow, this week and this month
  • Set time on your calendar to complete tasks. You’d never miss a meeting with your boss, so don’t miss a meeting with yourself!  

👉Our greatest danger is letting the “urgent” overshadow the “important”. 

  • Clearly define what is most important based upon your answers from above
  • Set aside time to give dedicated attention to or to complete important tasks
  • When “urgent” tasks arrive, ask yourselves these questions
  • What is the urgency? Is it truly urgent?
  • When must it be complete? 
  • Who needs to be involved? 
  • What is the desired outcome? 
  • What are the ramifications if not completed immediately (if any)?

Now, with these foundational best practices set, let’s build upon them to maximize our time management, prioritization and flow in the dealership setting.


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Tip 1: Understand Time Management Needs

As simple as it may sound, you must understand your business’ hours of operation and establish the days you work versus the days you have off. This is key when developing your time management for the week and month. 

👉As a digital sales specialist, you’ll want to allow yourself 15-30 minutes each morning before your shift begins to prioritize your day. We recommend using these tips.

  1. Frame the Day - What is most important today? 
  2. Establish Time Blocks - Complete the most important tasks first.
  3. Establish Daily Check In’s and Check Out’s - How many activities have you completed? How many leads have you touched? 
  4. Set a dedicated “Power Hour” for Administrative Needs - Update Notes, Gather Photos, etc. 

👉Based on our experience, we recommend working your leads and funnel in this order. 

  1. New Leads
  2. Messages Waiting (Call and Text)
  3. Engaged Customers
  4. Appointment Confirmations
  5. Unkept Appointment Follow Up and Reschedule
  6. Scheduled Activities / Planned Follow Up
  7. “Hot Desk” / Unsold Kept Appointments / Manager Review 

Make it your mission not to complete your day until all new leads are responded to, all messages waiting have been responded to and all scheduled activities are complete. No exceptions! 

Remember, it is your responsibility to manage your time, stay focused and achieve the goals set forth. Identify a time management strategy that works for you and commit to it for 2 weeks. Make adjustments and continue to get incrementally better day after day. 

Tip 2: Prioritize

Why is prioritization so important? Establishing priorities is necessary in order to complete everything that needs to be done. It allows you to focus your attention to the most important tasks, but also allows time to complete the urgent tasks that arise. Prioritization allows you to be in control and reduces stress. When everything is important, nothing is. 

In addition to prioritizing, it’s imperative that we track and measure performance. A mentor of mine once said, “if you cannot track and measure it, don’t do it”. These words of wisdom have stuck with me for years.

👉Based on our success, these are the most important items to track daily as a digital sales specialist. 

  1. Outbound activities
  2. Lead Response Time
  3. New Leads
  4. Leads Touched
  5. Appointments Set
  6. Appointments Kept
  7. Manager Escalations
  8. Sold

If we set our sights on getting 1% better per day, we’ll end up 37% better at the end of one year (Atomic Habits, James Clear). How would 37% better impact your paycheck? Your career? 

Tip 3: Establish Flow

Let’s assume you’ve framed the day, set time blocks and identified what activities to complete in what order. Next is establish flow. By definition, flow is to move along steadily and continuously. Imagine a river, no matter what, the water continues to flow down the path set forth. It does not matter if an obstacle is thrown into it, if something attempts to block it, or if the rain falls upon it. A river doesn’t stop and neither should you. Establish a realistic flow, but allow flexibility to navigate the unexpected obstacle, blocker or bad day. Give yourself grace and make adjustments when needed. Even a river reroutes when necessary, but always finds its flow on the path set forth. 

To learn more about the top three tips to maximize time management, prioritization and flow and how you can track and measure your digital sales efficiency and performance in your business, please contact Travis Winkleman at TravisW@DLPspeed.com. 

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