by John Greene | Apr 20, 2024

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Does your dealership have what it takes to win the battle for online customers?

In this episode, we break down the digital sales process, shedding light on why it's more crucial now than ever to focus on winning the battle for online customers. We discuss the significance of having a robust plan for success, introducing our innovative Target Tracker that helps eliminate the "too busy" excuse and accelerates your "speed to lead".

Discover how to forge stronger customer connections by seamlessly transitioning from online engagement to in-store purchases, closing deals with ease and efficiency. Our discussion is packed with insights, strategies, and actionable tips to help you navigate the digital landscape successfully. And don't miss out on our exclusive offer revealed in the Next Steps segment, designed to give you the edge in mastering the digital sales process. Watch the full episode now to transform your digital sales approach and secure your spot at the forefront of the online customer battle.



Episode  Chapters

00:00  Overview

02:20  Hello from Aaron and Jason

03:55  LeadHelm: Lead Management Software

07:16  The Digital Sales Process in a Nutshell

10:49  Why Are We Even Talking About This??

13:28  Win the Battle for the Online Customer

16:51   Plan for Success: Use our Target Tracker

25:34  Speed to Lead: End the " too busy" excuse

35:37  Stronger Customer Connections

43:34  From On-line to In-Store: Closing Deals with Ease

54:10  Next Steps: Exclusive Offer


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