by John Greene | Jan 8, 2024

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Are you tired of guessing whether your digital sales process is effective? The key is leveraging data to drive your operational improvements. Want to know how? Look no further than our latest live session!

In this episode, we emphasize the significance of metrics in enhancing the digital sales process.

As Digital Lead Performance Service Providers, we have acquired extensive knowledge and insight into the purchasing journey of online customers. Rest assured, the numbers we are about to unveil have been meticulously analyzed and chosen, rather than randomly selected.

In our world, setting appointments is the name of the game. We've set our benchmark at a solid 40%. But that's not all. Over time, we learned that the most healthy dealerships were also rocking a 70% show-up rate and converting a whopping 30% into actual sales. Boom!💥

John and Jason delve further into their conversation to explore killer strategies to improve your dealerships' "set percentage." Think faster response times, regular follow-ups, and authentic intriguing content. Trust us, it's a winning combo for increasing customer engagement.

Looking to raise your "delivery percentage"? Our team has the perfect solution to help you create a seamless transition for your valued customers, whether it's from the digital realm to the physical world or vice versa. Discover how to better the customer experience and see increases in your success rate.

Tracking and benchmarking performance metrics against industry standards can be your dealerships' secret weapon. By doing this, you can identify the areas to take things up a notch and crush the competition.

We've got the insights, the strategies, and the know-how to supercharge your digital sales process. At LeadHelm, we're all about helping dealerships thrive in this ever-evolving digital world. So, watch the full episode, subscribe to our emails, and get ready for a future filled with epic sales victories!

Stay tuned, my friend. We've got more wisdom dropping soon!


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