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Higher Profits

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LeadHelm helps dealers achieve
more sales from digital leads.

By combining advanced technology with expert coaching on processes and performance,
LeadHelm works to deliver a customized solution for your dealership sales team. 


Say Goodbye to Lost Leads with our Revolutionary Platform! 

Our innovative technology operates like a precision radar, capturing, tracking, and alerting your team to the hottest leads in your pipeline

Meticulously crafted for dealerships, LeadHelm equips you with the insights needed to convert more prospects into loyal customers

Transform Your Customer Interactions with our Revolutionary Platform, Designed to Streamline Workflows and Enhance Engagement.

With a streamlined dashboard and automatic activity tracking, LeadHelm lets your sales team focus on engaging leads instead of logging activities. By capturing conversation history, it offers targeted coaching opportunities and strengthens customer relationships through personalized interactions. 

Meanwhile, LeadHelm silently updates your digital sales activities in real-time, keeping your team informed and efficient.

Experience the power of genuine customer connections today.

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We Believe in Tailoring our Services to Your Unique Needs.

With over 40 years as dealer operators, we have evolved from a large dealer group to the largest digital lead follow-up service in the powersports industry, and now, we're trailblazing the tech space for our industry.

As a new subscriber, you'll gain access to Helm Academy, our personalized success planning sessions. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your priorities and create a customized roadmap for success. 

  • Performance Reviews: Gain insights into your sales performance and strategies for improvement.
  • Jumpstart Trainings: Get up to speed quickly with our comprehensive introductory sessions.
  • Special Targeted Sessions: Focus on specific areas for growth and development.
  • Group Sessions: Collaborate and learn from other professionals in the industry.

Experience the difference that personalized coaching and training can make. Learn More about Helm Academy.

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Join the growing list of dealers receiving tips, insights and actionable advice for their showroom floor AND digital doorway! 


Every dealer dreams of converting more leads and seeing more units out the door. However, achieving sales success requires a data-driven, streamlined, repeatable process. We understand these challenges firsthand because we once faced them ourselves as dealers. 

That's why we developed the ultimate operating process—fast, efficient, and designed to enhance customer experience and communication.

By mastering this process and utilizing our revolutionary lead management platform, which centralizes your leads in one intuitive dashboard, your team can transform internet leads into loyal customers before they even set foot in your showroom.

LeadHelm works directly with your lead sources, bringing all your digital leads under one dashboard. Never miss a hot lead again!

Our system provides dealers with tailored KPIs to help stay informed with the most critical activities.

LeadHelm scores your lead funnel so you can focus your energy on the hottest leads.

Our intuitive activity task list and no-contact cadence ensures every lead is followed up with no matter where they are in the buying journey.

Our reporting and activity monitoring help hold your team and even your lead sources accountable.

Dealerships Across the Country Choose LeadHelm as their Trusted Partner

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See why dealers are choosing LEADHELM
as their Digital Sales Solution.

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  • Never miss out on a potential opportunity again with our state-of-the-art dashboard alerts and Customer Response Time trackers.
  • Enhance your follow-up strategies by leveraging our comprehensive customer conversation history.
  • Ensure your focus is directed towards the most promising leads by easily accessing and evaluating your scored pipeline.
  • Stay well-informed on what truly matters to your business with personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Gain valuable insights into your goals and actual figures through comprehensive reports, allowing you to enhance the customer experience like never before.

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LeadHelm Provides A Robust Onboarding Bootcamp
And Monthly Advanced Trainings To Ensure Your Team's Success!

  • Working in LeadHelm has been a great tool for me as an agent to better organize my lead volume and maintain cadence while still keeping a stream line and easy way to prioritize hot, warm and cold leads. The key performance indicators (KPI) and activity calendar keep me on track and provide insight to my future work flow and sales projections.
    Rene Padilla
    Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson
  • LeadHelm has drastically improved the ability to work through my leads. I have never been more efficient at work due to the user-friendly interface and prioritization tools.
    Caleb Hager
    Bumpus H-D
  • Loved the energy and content of Helm Academy. Well worth my time!
    Kevin Vaughn
    House of Harley-Davidson
  • Helm Academy Content is AMAZING!
    Chad Hixson
    Macon H-D